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What does it for Julie? Anything relating to geology or bugs. Yup, it’s all about the fossils, rock layers, and creepy crawlies we find along the way. To Anthony, nothing beats a road with well banked curves (lots of them) and that feeling of infinite calm that can only be found in the quietest of woods or the highest overlook. Together they seek out the most epic places, sights, and experiences they can find, snapping pictures all the way. It all started with a cave, and ever since they’ve been in search of a higher waterfall, a deeper canyon, and a more pristine forest. Although they’ve only been to 17 states to date, they are constantly on the lookout for awesome things to do (they are currently planning a cross country trip). Stay tuned for road trip tips, “author approved” recommendations, and awesome travel deals. Feel free to submit your favorite destinations, local treasures, and must see finds.

Remember that adventure awaits, whether it be across the country or in your own state!

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Tranquil path through the woodsTranquil path through the woods

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